Business Services International UK (BSIUK)

Регион / Город: Город Лондон / Лондон (London)

Компания Business Services International UK (BSIUK) является лидирующим русскоязычным туроператором по приему туристических групп, индивидуальных туристов и бизнесменов из России и стран СНГ в Великобритании.

Global Business Travel

Телефон: 02030060935
Регион / Город: Город Лондон / Лондон (London)

GBT is a business travel adviser in the UK, based in London. Our key direction is to save you money with travel arrangements, guaranteeing lower commission levels than others. Our travel experience of highly qualified professionals allows us to offer a high level of services to the most sophisticated clients from all over the world. As a experienced, professional travel advisers, we are looking forward to working with you.